Enabling Young People to Develop Themselves

Our Vision:
"To Enable Young People To Develop Themselves."

Our Mission:
"To guide, coach, support and educational / practical achievement for all young people."

Our Values are:

  • Excellence: To exceed standards in all we do, inspire excellence in our volunteers, centres and young people, and deliver a personalised customer service that surpasses expectations.

  • Respect: To foster a culture of respect and inclusiveness, being receptive to each other and young people and acting with integrity.

  • Innovation: To listen, learn, discover and develop; to respond effectively to and invest in our volunteers, centres and young people.

  • Aspiration: We strive to be visionary and influential.

"I never thought at the beginning of the week we would be able to sail this ship, but we did and we are all extremely proud of the achievement, although we are all aware what we have achieved is only the tip of the iceberg. The journey may be over but the memories and the lessons we have all learned will last a lifetime."
John Chapman, Peel Ports Manager & Mentor




A typical day on board a tall ship consists of:
Wake up early for watch duty
Join friends in the mess for a hearty cooked breakfast
Happy hour! – clean the ship (but to music!)
Climb 100 feet high to the yards to set the sails
Admire the beautiful view and maybe spot dolphins on the bow
Join friends in the mess again for a feast of baguettes, meats and salad
Time to take the helm and steer the ship!
Off watch now, so relax with friends on the bow of the boat
Take in the sights and chat with new found friends on board
Start planning your tactics to win the next inter-watch challenge!
Watch the sunset over the horizon
Climb into bunk for a well earned rest before the next watch!
The ship’s day is divided into seven watches which are kept according to a rota:
0001 – 0400 Middle watch
0400 – 0800 Morning watch
0800 – 1200 Forenoon watch
1200 – 1600 Afternoon watch
1600 – 1800 First Dog watch
1800 – 2000 Second Dog watch
2000 – 2400 First watch


Winner of The Queens Award for Voluntary Serive


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