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What is the Tall Ship Experience?

By developing the skills and knowledge involved in crewing a Tall Ship, it is a means to improve the mental and physical development of the young people participating in the voyage.

Top level academic research reveals that sailing on a Tall Ship is an unparalleled means of strengthening character, fortitude and self-confidence.

This resilience is forged through the shared pleasures, hardships and responsibility, and the development of mutual respect, new friendships, new skills, camaraderie and experiencing new places from a seaward, ship based aspect, only achievable through crewing a Tall Ship.

The research also showed that being aboard a sailing ship, facing the sea and elements promotes an enhanced sense of existence, self-discovery and accomplishment.

Britain is an island and historically a Maritime nation, not fully understood by recent generations of young people. MAST’s sail training experience allows today’s youngsters to reconnect quickly with the Maritime world. 


What will I learn?
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