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What Happens Pre Voyage?


All participants will be fully briefed on what to expect.

We will establish expectations and objectives to enable a process of evaluation both during and after the voyage


All participants will be issued with a logbook for them to complete

Wellness and preparedness will be included in the briefing process

What happens during the voyage


MAST will provide mentors for each voyage to work with the youngsters and to  provide guidance and support

Role Of Professional Crew

They will ensure that the voyage is professionally operated within UK and International Maritime Law and Practice and delivered to MAST standards and objectives.

Role of participants - people involved will be issued with a Journal to record daily their  mental state, lessons from the day and actions to be taken and developed as a result of these. Pro Cams will be provided to record these and to make a video of the voyage. All participants will be expected to behave in a way consistent with being signed on as Ships crew.

Qualifications Achieved

As previously stated by engaging in the designated activities the participant can achieve an RYA qualification or DofE Gold (Residential)

Educational input – in addition to sailing and nautical skills and knowledge, participants will also learn the importance of the Ocean and Maritime environment through practical experiments and lectures 


What happens Post Voyage?

Awards ceremony as part of recognition

Feedback and follow up:

With individuals

How did the experience match their expectation?

With Company/Organisation

Did the experience deliver the development they were seeking

With the ships

Have they adhered to MAST standards and what could we develop, maintain or discard in the future.

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